Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go...

I woke up.

I hit the snooze button 5 times.

Pandorad (Yes I made listening to Pandora a verb) my way to work.

Answered some emails when I got to work, but mostly chatted with my co-workers about my Event Classes I'd taken the 2 days prior.

Then, I was ready to print out tickets to the Katy Perry concert that night. Yes, I saw her once already in London and yes, her concert was that good it was worth going to again.

Only one problem.  The tickets weren't in my account.  And then I noticed they'd never been charged to my credit card. It was a sold out show and the only tickets left were scalped tickets for $200 a piece. NO THANK YOU.

And that's when I did my first Craigslist transaction. After emailing TONS of people I found someone willing to sell me 2 tickets and another person willing to sell me 3 tickets...all for LESS than what we originally would have paid.

The first transaction was done over PayPal...also a first for me.

The second transaction was supposed to be in cash and we were going to meet outside of a CVS after work.

Only one more small problem...when I went to meet this stranger who I hoped wasn't scamming me...I noticed my car tank was on EMPTY.  Ok so, this isn't really a big problem...more just inconvenient because filling up my car with gas is one of my least favorite things to do.

So there I was at the gas station and I realized I'd been sitting in the car for a while and hadn't heard the nozzle click off. (I know you are supposed to stand by your car when getting gas, but it was so hot outside I just couldn't do it...lesson learned). As I jumped out of my car and looked at the screen I noticed it was way over the gallons my tank holds.

And that's when I saw it...gasoline everywhere. I yanked the nozzle out of my car whilst successfully spraying some on myself.  GREAT.

Needless to say, it was a hot mess. I got yelled at by the gas station employees. I felt really bad and stupid. I hate when people yell at me. But eventually we cleaned it up and I was on my way.

I met my Craigslist friend outside of CVS and exchanged cash for a brown envelope full of tickets. I imagine it's probably similar to how drug deals go down. You know. Cash for an unmarked brown envelope. Except, in my case I wasn't nervous that the cops were watching me or anything like that.  I mean, last time I checked buying Katy Perry tickets wasn't illegal or anything.  

4 girlfriends and I went to the concert, sang, danced and had a grand old time.

As I cozied myself into bed to sleep that I night I thought to myself...yep, all in all, with everything that happened it seems like a typical Wednesday to me.

And then I laughed cause my gasoline incident reminded me of this:

All in a typical Wednesday.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer surprises and salads

Admittedly it's been a while since I last blogged. Life has gotten crazy these past few weeks, but it's been a good kind of crazy at least. Here are 2 thoughts for the day:

1. My newest summer obsesh (short for obsession): strawberry salad.

I basically make it everyday for lunch. Here are the ingredients you need:

Spinach salad
Goat cheese (chevre)
Parmesan slices
Balsamic vinaigrette

You can add nuts if you want. I can't. I'll die if I do. Literally. But that's a story for another day.

Try it. Trust me. You'll thank me.

2. Yesterday, I was talking about Groupon with this 65 year old, retired female naval officer. I asked her about recent deals she bought on Groupon. Her answer: pole dancing classes. I'd expect this purchase from ANY girl in her 20's - 40's but not from a woman in her 60's...and in the navy nonetheless. Lesson learned: it's always the ones you least expect.