Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Totally Paused...

Recently, I've discovered something about myself.

Other people have been pointing it out for years, but...I've been in denial.

It's hard for me to admit it...


It may be true...

I may not be the best driver.

There. I said it.

Let me just clarify though that I have NEVER been the cause of an accident while driving. I've been hit by others, but never have I hit others.  Also, until last year I've NEVER had a ticket. I've always gotten out of them. Until Florida...and then Pennsylvania...and then I may have been pulled over a couple other times as well...

Now, before you start cracking the blonde jokes, or female driver jokes just know that I Probably COULD be a good driver if it weren't for a few bad habits:

1. I love car dancing. Sue me, but it makes me happy.  I mean I don't usually dance when I'm in the car alone...sometimes...but not usually. And really this shouldn't even be a bad habit because who isn't guilty of a little car dancing now and then?

Case in Point Click Here for a previous car dancing post

Unfortunately, this habit has a tendency to scare some people riding with me, which is a shame cause then they don't join in.

2. I like speed.  I am used to driving in TX where the speed limits are normal and about 15 mph faster than most other states. For me, driving 55 mph feels like I'm moving at a snails this to understand:

3. I can be guilty of the ROLLING STOP. It's like a cross between a YIELD and a STOP.
It looks something like this (Fast forward to 56 sec.) also, it's an excuse to relive the 90's with this
Clueless clip:

Translation: The rolling stop really means "I totally paused" - Cher Horwitz

Turns out the rolling stop can get you in a lot of trouble.  Well, this and being from Texas. 

There I was on a perfectly good day driving about a block from my place when bad driving habit #3...the rolling me in trouble.  Next thing I know, sirens are blaring behind me. 

I quickly pull over, bat my eyelashes in utter innocence, and proceed to hand officer friendly my license and registration.

After making me wait approx. 30 minutes he comes back with a warning in hand.

PHEW! I've dodged this one...or so I thought.

Officer friendly hands me my warning and tells me that he's going to let me off the hook.


And then it happens...he hits me with a few doozies- 2 tickets and court date.

Turns out my records indicate I've lived outside of TX for almost 2 years now and I still have a TX driver's license- BAM- Ticket #1.

Also, I didn't have a county property tax sticker on my car -BAM -Ticket #2.

Then, he explains the court date. I'm thinking I just have to show proof that I've gotten a new license and a county sticker on my car. NOPE. I have to physically go to court and explain to them why I still had a TX license and show them proof that I've submitted the forms for my new license.

I knew this would probably happen one day. But I wasn't quite ready to give up my TX license. 

'Cause really, I'm just a TX girl at heart that's been transplanted on the East Coast. My heart belongs in TX...but...sadly my driver's license doesn't anymore...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Where's KY?

Hopefully you're ready to play a little game.

It's going to be fun...really...

And even if it isn't it will help you revisit your childhood...sort of.

Remember Where's   Waldo?  You know, the guy in red and white stripes.

If not, then you might want to go back to 2nd grade and relive your childhood.  This time with Waldo in it.

Here- Test out your skills and find him:

Alright, no worries if you can't find him. You'll get another chance...only this time it's called Where's KY? And it's even more fun than Where's Waldo...cause this get to be on the lookout for yours

Some of you may know that one of my dreams in life would be to have my own show on the cooking channel.  That may or may not happen depending on several things coming up...but...a few ideas are in the works.  And by in the works I clearly mean the very formative stages of ideas...but hey, you've gotta start somewhere!

Anyway, even if plans change and I don't get to have my own show one day at least I can know that a Fairy Godmother did make my dream PARTIALLY come true..that's right...I appeared, ever so briefly on the Cooking Channel's Show Unique Eats with my friends Lo and AJ.

Oh, and by Fairy Godmother I clearly mean DAIRY you will soon see.

*Spoiler Hint: I can be found 3x

To quote Britt "This face was made to be filmed and/or photographed."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh April Fools. I fall for you every time...

Let's look at the facts.

I'm Blonde.

I'm Gullible.

I am quick to trust what people tell me.

I am passionate about life which means I quickly jump into things.

All of these facts = ALWAYS falling for April Fool's jokes.

No April Fool's joke to date has been able to top April 1, 2002.

7 days as a 16 year old and I still didn't have my driver's license.  Most people are EXSTATIC to get their license.  Me, I could have cared less. I had friends that drove me around and I didn't have a car yet, so really it didn't matter.

There I was at school on April 1st (forgetting it was April 1st mind you) walking back from a class with all of my classmates when all of a sudden I catch a glimpse of my mom parked in front of the school in a HOT brand new black convertible Thunderbird. 

"Katie! Katie! Over Here!" She excitedly shouts. "Your dad and I wanted to surprise you!  Happy 16th Birthday! Come over and let me get a picture of you in the driver's seat of your new car."

I'd be lying if I said I walked slowly over to the car. No, I sprinted and practically jumped over the car door and into the driver's seat with all my friends watching.

My mom was all poised and ready. "Smile on the count of 3 say 'Happy Birthday" 1...2...3" *click*

"Ok, one more picture.  This time on the count of 3 say April Fool's 1...2..."

And that's when I realized. I'd fallen for it all over again.  If my life were a scoreboard at the moment it would read

April Fool's 16 points
KY 0 points

Turns out she had borrowed it from our hair dresser when she'd been at the salon an hour earlier and they had devised this great plan together.  Beauty Parlors are typically stereotyped as gossipy places, but I'd venture to say they are conniving places too.

I wish I'd learned my lesson, but each year it's the same old thing.  April Fool's always wins.  There was the year my brother told me one of the Backsteet Boys had died, or the year my teacher told me I got a C on my test and not the A I had studied so hard for, or this year when my mom said she bought us all tickets to Peru...Alas...the scoreboard now reads:

April Fool's 25 points
KY 0 points

One of these days I'll remember and no longer fall victim to the antics of this day. One of these days...