Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FreeStyle Love Supreme Follow-Up

10 Months ago I wrote this Post.

If you read it great, if not, there's really no need to. You can catch up here.

Basically, I met one of my FAVORITE performers in the ENTIRE world, Lin-Manuel Miranda. He raps, he sings, he composes Tony Award Winning Broadways, he is a comedian, he basically does it all.

The best part is...I got to go on stage with his Improve/Comedy/Hip-Hop/Broadway crew Freestyle Love Supreme. Here we are hanging after the show:

Lin Manuel is next to me and no, your eyes are not mistaken that is the guy who plays Donald in Pitch Perfect

Well, as promised I said I would share the video of them rapping about my day with all 3 of my followers that are probably reading this. I FINALLY got the video uploaded to YouTube and ready for your enjoyment. It's long. I wouldn't blame you for not watching.

First Video (Interviewing me about my day)

Second Video (Rapping about my day)

Bottom line people. This is one of the GREATEST moments of my life thus far. I hope I haven't peaked early and everything else is just downhill from here...