Wednesday, April 11, 2012

15 Minutes of Fame...

In 48 hours, I think I maxed out the "15 minutes of fame" each person should expect in life.  I thought I'd maxed out when I was in this movie with Jude Law and again when I was featured eating a popsicle on the cooking channel, but apparently had a few more minutes left to spare.

Watch 2:20 - 2:40 and I can be seen (a la 5 years ago)  freaking out that I was breathing the same air as Jude Law...and got to touch him.

Me and my friends, Amber and Lauren, can be seen around 15:27 - 15:35, 19:10, and 19:35.

That was my old claim to fame. This is my new.

Thursday, my co-worker and I spent the day touring the District in preparations for an upcoming conference I am in charge of. We got to spend the day getting free admission to lots of fun events and activities and the evening culminated with a Ghost Tour around Lafayette Square.

If you've ever wondered what kind of people go on a ghost tour in the middle of April, your answer would be...drum roll please...Ghost Hunters.  At Halloween, I'm sure you get your run-of-the-mill-average-Joe-who-is-in-the-holiday-spirit.  Not these people. These people were searching for orbs and other ghost terms I don't understand.

I didn't know what to expect on this tour and to be truthful I wanted to "duck out" early because it was late and I was cold. Unfortunately, the guide had let me borrow his (rather large) jacket and I couldn't just walk away with it so I had to stay the entire time. And it's a good thing I did. Otherwise, I would have missed out on a few minutes of fame.

There we were, our little group of ghost hunters, on the steps of a building overlooking Lafayette Square when our guide says,

"In all my years of hosting these tours, someone ALWAYS sits in the dead man's blood."
Ok, so the blood isn't there anymore, but he pointed at me and said I was sitting in the very spot that this particular "ghost" had been left in his own murdered blood for 6 hours.

Apparently, he had been caught cheating with Daniel Sickles wife and Daniel shot him in front of many witnesses, but was acquitted in one of the first "crimes of passion" justifying his innocence.

As the story progressed, it was explained that this particular adulterer, Phillip Key, was the son of Francis Scott Key, the writer of our Star-Spangled Banner.

"How Bizarre! That's my 5th Great Uncle" I blurted out. (Historical Name Drop)

And that's when the FLASHES began.  You would have thought I was a ghost by the number of pictures these grown adults and their children were snapping of me.  I'm not sure what THRILLED them so much about this little scenario. I don't know if they just thought I was as close to a ghost as they were ever going to see or what. But, for whatever reason, one I shall never understand I kept hearing people say, "That's so cool. Take a picture of her. Take a picture of her."

And with that, I will now be showing up in random family, vacation scrapbooks around the nation.

Just 48 hours later, I had what will perhaps be my final 15 minutes of fame.  And I must say, if it is my last I am just glad it went out with a bang!

Saturday morning, Lauren and I drove up to New York for a concert that night at the Gramercy Theater.  The show was for one of my favorite hip-hip, broadway, lyrical genius artists of ALL TIME...Lin-Manuel Miranda.  I love him. 

Seriously though, this guy has pure, raw, genius talent running through his veins.  I think Eminem is a lyrical genius and this guy blows him outta the water.

Originally, I know him from my obsession with the Tony Award winning musical, In the Heights. Clip available HERE. He spent 7 years writing this musical and was the original star in the role of Usnavi. In fact, I went to the show's final performance 14 months ago in NY and it was quite easily the best musical production I've ever seen.

Anyway, then I fell in love with all of his freestyle stuff, which is convenient because the show we went to see was for a hip-hop, comedy, broadway, improv group he's in called Freestyle Love Supreme.

So, at this concert, I had won an auction and not only did I get to sit front row, BUT I ALSO GOT TO GO ON-STAGE FOR THE FINAL ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They asked me questions about my day and then turned the whole thing into an improv, comedy rap about my day (Video will be available soon...) They hit all key elements and it was PHENOM.

AND they did an improv rap on Katniss Everdeen. HELLO?!?! LOVED IT.

I didn't think it could get any better.

And then, I got to go backstage and hang with the guys...AND...I asked Lin-Manuel if I could rap with him.

His reply, "YES! But, can I videotape you rapping for me?"
"Uh. Duh."

So he did.

And then there was another guy there filming me rapping with him that could potentially be used in the future.

Anyway. It was amazing. I am still waiting to get the official picture back from them and then I will post it. But, until then...enjoy this pic from the night!

It was a dream come true. Truly. I am still on Cloud Nine.
It's not letting me rotate. So, until I figure that out, we are sideways.