Monday, November 19, 2012

These things really happen?!?!

" more open to the various types of guys that are out there to may be should totally start going places alone so all sorts of different guys can approach you..." Etc. etc. etc.

This is the wisdom a friend imparted upon me that was running through my mind on this very occasion. Now, while I think this is good advice I have learned that like all wisdom it has its limits.

There I was alone in Indianapolis waiting for the rest of my coworkers to arrive the next day. Having been DYING to see Skyfall I walked myself .5 miles to the theater and bought myself a ticket, coke and popcorn (buttered, of course).

[insert plug: Skyfall was AMAZING. Walk. Don't run. Now. To see it. This is coming from a girl who, as far as I know, is the only one that doesn't find Daniel Craig mind-numbingly attractive. If that tells you anything. I actually liked the movie for content not eye candy. 2 thumbs waaaaay up!]

Post movie a guy approaches me - early 30's, hipster, wearing a grandpa sweater.

H (stands for hipster): "You come to this movie alone?"

Me: "yeah."

H: "I find that intriguing. So did I. Want to grab a drink?"

Me: "I don't drink"

H: "you can have a coke."

And that's when the advice above came into play...

Me: "ok. sure. I guess."

Before he could walk me through some creepy parking garage that led to the skywalks I suggested we go street side to the well-lit Champ's across the street.

Ten minutes into conversation, we'd already discussed religion, marriage and politics. You know, all the non-controversial topics. The highlight was, and I quote, "I once stole a Mormon girl from a guy." Cool. Don't know what you want me to do with that information. Maybe just try to share a mutual connection to Mormonism? Weird.

Then he side-stepped into several other topics that included "hitting on me" subjects.

Did you know there is a book out there called "The Game" that teaches guys how to pick up "hot babes." He wanted to know if it worked. Survey says....either keep reading or get your money back.

An hour into the convo, I noticed something that hadn't previously caught my attention. He'd been hiding his left hand in his pocket THE WHOLE TIME until this very moment where he accidentally removed said hand only to display his GOLD WEDDING RING on his ring finger.

Eww. I was APPALLED to say the least. Really? He thought I'd be ok flirting it up and having drinks with a married man? To quote Cher: Ugh. As if.

These things really happen?!?!

That's when I asked for my bill so that I could book it out of there only to find out he's staying at the hotel next to me so we essentially had to walk back together.

In typical awkward fashion, we arrived at the hotel and I could tell he was trying to ask for my number. I simply stood as far away as I could, waved in a more-eager-than-usual manner so that I could leave, and sprinted towards the doors of my hotel.

Thankfully my experience didn't turn the movie, Taken, into a trilogy. I don't think I know anyone like Liam Neeson to find me and save me...

I will still continue to go to movies alone on the rare occasion, I actually rather enjoy it. However, I will never accept on offer alone again without ensuring a few facts first...

(P.s. I hope my mom doesn't actually read my blog or she may be upset by my cavalier approach to the whole situation.)