Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An ode to Mere Bear #SISTERLOVE

I have the best sis in the world and today is her birthday.  Therefore, and without further adieu here is...



32 years ago on this March 13th day
A little girl named “Miss Mere-y” came to the world to play

She has fiery red hair like Anne (always spelled with an “e”)
And has spent 26 years putting up with a “plump little sister” like me

The memories we share are far too great to try and number
But many involve road trips where we’d often wake you from your slumber

“Mere! Wake Up! It’s Camel Rock!” Dad would yell
And then there were the days that we’d go “home” to THE DEL

Of course I can’t forget that time you threw me into the river
I told mom then and there, “I shall NEVER forgive her!”

But really how could I stay mad at you for long?
I’ve just tortured you since with every Backstreet Boys song

As the “mosquito” you were known on the basketball court
You’d BUG ‘em to death so they never knew you were short

As school mascot you learned to lead the teams to victory
And help Tom and I out when we’d be quite contradictory

Luckily you no longer try to host a “tee-tee” party
Instead you just amaze me how you’re always such a smarty

Except that one time you weren’t smart enough to hide that belly button ring
I can still feel the pain when I finally let you take out my first set of earrings

I’d love to dust off our old Super NES
Playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong with you was always the best

As we’d listen to the Cranberries and Nirvana turned up way loud
On National Sister Day you just make me SO proud

You made my fave pumpkin pie for me once after a long day
I’d cry when you left for Camp Longhorn each Summer cause you were away

In one weekend Jurassic Park five times you did see
And helped me when I couldn’t ride a bike in the Tour D’Trinity

I felt on top of the world going for a drive in your green 4-Runner
As a member of a Rock ‘n Roll ladies band you’re clearly a stunner

Thanksgivings are best snuggled with you and Allegra watching Dark Crystal
But, I’d sure stay out of your way if you’re holding a pistol

May you never run out of money again like that one time in Japan
But you can guarantee we’ll always be stuck watching WWE again, and again

And never again will my bangs I let you cut
Which is probs for the best cause it sure put mom in a rut

I wish you’d never left Bunny Long Legs in that New York City taxi
And that I could find that special candid I once took in the backseat

You are wonderful mother, sister, and friend
As your love for your family you so kindly extend

So whether skiing in Snowmass or hiking the Oregon Coast
You are the sister that I love the most