Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, LEO...

Ok, really this post has nothing to do with zodiac signs, as the title suggests, and everything to do with LEO...sort of. But I figured if it was simply titled "Leonardo DiCaprio" you may not read it.'ve already clicked onto my blog so you may as well continue... 

Here goes...

It all started with this face:
A Young Leo
Yes, that is Leonardo DiCaprio in Growing Pains.  He may look "ensembly challenged" (shout out to Clueless), but let me tell you that as a child of the 80's he NEVER LOOKED BETTER in this young 8 year old girl's eyes.

Little did I know that these early days of watching Growing Pains were only the beginning...

Then...there was TITANIC.

Partially because of my fascination with this watery tale and partially (or mostly) because of Leonardo DiCaprio's starring role in this a young 12 year old...I saw this movie 17 times in the theater.  That's right.  It's embarrassing.  And now looking back on it a TOTAL waste of time.  And yet, your eyes have not deceived you.  You read that correctly. 17 times (I'll make it a little bigger for you so you know you're reading it correctly)

This number does not include the number of times I watched my bootleg copy of it...on VHS...BEFORE it was released to the public.

 Because I have the most wonderful sister in the world (and because she probably felt guilty for sneaking all of her friends into my room when I wasn't home so they could see her sister's ridiculous Leo/Boyband plastered bedroom walls) she got a copy of the film from her friend, Ryan, who had a 3rd generation copy from the screen actor's guild pre-Oscars viewing VHS tapes.  It had been copied 4 times which meant that most of the time when I was watching it there would be lines running across the screen...another reason to miss VHS tapes.

As if seeing the movie and being able to quote it word for word wasn't enough, it was time for a trip to L.A. My mom, in her ever adventurous spirit, conceded to my brilliant idea that we stop in L.A. for a few days on our drive up to Oregon.  Please keep in mind that I was in 5th grade at the makes the story a little less creepy.

And so, the 4 of us (my mom, brother, one of my girlfriends, and me) set off on our excursion!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do while I was there- hit up his fav. restaurants, hotspots, stores and more.  If I went to all these places I was sure I would see him.  Certainly in all of L.A. he'd be at one of these places at the EXACT same time as me. 

Well...I would love to say that we ended up runnng into Leo and he asked me to co-star in his next film, but alas, no such thing happened.'s what happened.  And frankly, I find it alot more random than being asked to co-star next to Leo.

There I was.  A young 12 year old conquering the streets of L.A.  In case you don't know what I looked like at 12 one word will describe it- snappable.  I was super tall and lengthy with knobby knees that were larger than my upper thigh. Chuck Norris probably could have snapped me in half with his pinky. Additionally, I had bottle cap glasses.  Needless to say, it was an awkward phase of my life.

So here I am this young, awkward girl strolling down the streets of Rodeo Dr. on her way to Fred Segal (not only Leo's fav spot to shop but it also allows for another Clueless shout out "Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal?") minding my own business...when suddenly...

I see a man walking towards me in his moth-eaten Joe's Crab Shack shirt. I can still picture what this man looked like to this day. His shirt probably said, "Got Crabs?" on it, I feel like that's what all the shirts from that place stay, but I couldn't tell because it was so ratty.

And then there was the smirk on his face.  I should've known he was up to something by  that smirk, but UNBEKNOWNST to me I didn't realize I would soon fall victim to that smirk! 

The next thing I know, not only is this man walking towards me, but he begins to raise his arm and move it in a forward motion punching me right in the sternum while simultaneously mumbling "stupid little rich girl."
Having just had all the air knocked out of me, I was clearly doubled-over on the pavement. And in shock.

By the time I could stop sobbing and catch my breath to explain what just happened my brother was ready to take off and fight him. Afraid my bro would get hurt by going after him, my friend and I both grab onto his ankles to stop him. 

 I mean, luckily L.A. is full of hot messes so really 4 people causing a scene on the street was nothing new. However, we were QUITE the site. My brother trying to run after Joe (I figure that considering his choice of apparely Joe is a good name for him), but not succeeding cause he has two 12 year olds wrapped around his ankle, one of which is sobbing so hard she might pass out. And my mom standing in front of my brother to block him while yelling to get us off the dirty street.

It was quite the traumatic experience.  But don't worry, it all ended well.  We made it to Fred Segal and then dined at Indochine where, although we did not see Leo, we did see Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres on a date.  So there you go. Not a total loss of a trip. This 12 year old was happy just to have a celebrity sighting.

So here's the real reason for this story.  My cubemate Jon informed me this morning that Leo was in town filming a scene for one of his new movies.  I still adore him.  But it's more of an admiration of his acting these days (or at least that's what I tell people). I'd like to say that I don't care anymore, but instantly, the 12 year old inside of me was screaming "LEAVE WORK YOU IDIOT! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  YOU MISSED HIM 13 YEARS AGO AND NOW IS YOUR TIME"

Well...if I weren't missing 5 days of work next week...I'd feel a "fever" coming on right about now...and that fever would happen to take me directly to his filming location...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quarter of a Century!!!!!!

It's a BIG day!  Why? Cause it's my birthday. And I'm not even going to pretend like it's not a HUGE deal.  Cause to be honest. I love birthdays.  And this year is even better.  Cause Guess what?  Not only is it my GOLDEN Birthday (Turning 25 on the 25th) But also I have now been alive a QUARTER OF A CENTURY. I know- it's a MOMENTOUS occassion.

Well, the past 25 years of life have been good to me. I'm grateful for them.  Here's to many more!!

*SPOILER ALERT* Yes, I did have large, bottle cap glasses for a short time.  I'd like to pretend I didn't but the pictures speak for themselves...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Could Do Without...

One of the jokes we have in my office is a running list of "things that make you vomit." Not literally. It's just a list of things YOU COULD DO WITHOUT. Here's my elite list: 
  1. EELS. I can't explain it.  I've always hated them. It's totally and completely irrational but I can't help it.  Even the word gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean seriously...don't they make you cringe?           I can't even think about them.              One time I tried to take scuba diving lessons in order to conquer my fear.  Then I realized some fears aren't worth conquering.    I feigned sickness on my final dive so as to avoid coming face to face with these creatures.      I would probably pass out if that ever happened.
  2.  PEARS.  They make me gag.    End of story.    Ironically enough, I had fake pears hanging from my ceiling for 5 years growing up, a la Shabby Chic style.
  3. TERMITES. I just discovered I don't like these.     I showed up at work this morning and they were spraying for them.    There were a lot of them.    It was gross.
  4. STINK BUGS. I mean, I feel this should go without saying.  They have these little pre-historic eyes that stare at you. If dinosaurs are now extinct there's no reason these little guys shouldn't be extinct too.  The worst part about it is they are impossible to get rid of. You kill them and their scent just attracts more stink bugs. It's a HUGE problem. And The Washington Post says they're going to be worse than ever this Summer.   Even more of a problem- when they sneak into my car from work and I am driving home and suddenly one appears on my dashboard and I almost wreck trying to get rid of it.  Give me ANY other bug and they don't bother me nearly as much.   
  5. DENTISTS/ENDODONTISTS. Alright, I get that dentists are important and useful.  And normally I don't have a problem with them. I mean I've never had to have braces or a retainer really. But here's why they were quickly added to the list: 
I feel like all my recent dental visits are reminiscent of Steve Martin in the musical Little Shop of Horrors:

Freaky right?! Who would want to go to the dentist after watching that? NO ONE. And yet, I've been there ALL WEEK.  In fact, this is my first day this week WITHOUT some sort of dental appointment.  You see, my dentist drilled too far on Monday and hit a nerve.     

 I wasn't numb.

 I cried. 

Because I had an exposed nerve from the drilling I had to go in for an emergency root canal. 

The endodontist didn't have time to do everything at once.

So I had to come back the next day.

Which means I've been on pain meds the past few days. 

 I guess the one good thing is I get really funny when I'm on pain meds...or so I think...

The best part is that my PH isn't balanced. I don't even know what that means. All I know is it means I can't absorb the numbing shot very well thus, exposing me to almost every poke, prod, or drilling. Let me just tell you how fun that was. NOT VERY.  

Hence, my life feeling like I have Steve Martin as my dentist.  I guess on the bright side...I've always wanted my life to be a musical...I just don't think I want it to involve Steve Martin and a dental chair ever again.

* I should also mention that the endodontist has called me each night to make sure I'm doing alright. It's not his fault my body won't take the numbing. It's still not fun though.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Car dancing makes me happy

Summer is just around the corner people. I couldn't be more thrilled. I love winter and all but let's be honest there is something special about driving around, windows down, sunshine on the shoulders dancing!! Who doesn't love a little car dancing? I do. Enjoy.

Ps I need to teach
Britters how to properly move her body like a cyclone. Miss you Britters!!

Pps I don't think Jackson is thrilled to be on the back seat. And he has j Biebs hair.

-Live with passion

Friday, March 18, 2011


Today.  Sometimes I don't think I focus enough on today.  I mean how much of today do I spend planning for tomorrow or wondering/worrying about things of the future that haven't happened yet and potentially may not EVER happen?

Today I was reminded that I may not know what road life will lead me down over the upcoming years, months, weeks, or even days. In fact, I'm not entirely certain I always know where I want the future to lead me. THIS STRESSES ME OUT. But then, I am reminded on days like today that it will all work out and be OK. How do I know this?  Because at the end of the day what really matters are the people in my life and gratefully I have the most amazing people in mine.  

HTYA Family Reunion Snowmass, CO 2010
I LOVE my family (this includes my extended family, of course!). Seriously, I am OBSESSED with them.  They're the best. All of them.
NYC Chelsea Market July 2010

If you don't know them- you should get to know them.  That way you can agree with me when I say they are some of the most creative, caring, funny, smart, strong, giving, adventurous, compassionate people EVER. EVER.

Today, and every day for that matter, I was reminded that, in addition to my family, I have the GREATEST people in my life.  All of you. I learn something from each of you and I am glad you're in my life. I'm not always the best at expressing just how much I care about people. For some reason it scares to feel vulnerable and always express exactly what I feel.  But just know that even if I may not say it, I do care. From the friend who called every single day for 8 months after my best friend passed away just to make sure I was doing alright, to the random visits from friends and family to DC and Texas, or people who make time for me when I come to visit, to roommates who will stay  up until all hours of the morning if I need them to, to my funny co-workers who leave surprises in my cube (some good, some bad), to the 5 friends who got married this past year and I got to come be a bridesmaid (yes, you read that correctly. I bought 5 bridesmaid dresses in approx. a year) to all the runs, brunches, lunches, dinners, etc. with wonderful friends that just make life better by getting to catch up with them, to the random texts, phone calls, emails, flowersm Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Sonic runs, and more. Thank you. I just love all the people in my life.

Here's a little recap of all the bridesmaid dresses...not quite 27 Dresses...

Today I was reminded just how grateful I am for one of my very best friends, Amber.  She was like a sister to me. She knew me better than almost anyone. We could spend hours doing absolutely nothing and still have the best time and the best memories (usually they involved me embarrassing myself in some way or Amber forcing me out of my comfort zone which then once again usually led me to embarrassing myself...again.) Amber passed away unexpectedly last May. I miss her daily. And yet, I am grateful I know that I will see her again one day. I will forever be grateful for her and she will always be with me because more than anything she helps me want to live for today and love it.  I don't always succeed but I want to be better at realizing the value in being given today.  That today anything really is possible and to make the most of it. She seemed to always make the most of each day and I want to follow in that path. 

No matter what happens or doesn't happen in my life it will all be OK because it's the people in my life that matter and it's those people that will help you get through those times when you wonder if you can make it through today. So for now...I want to just enjoy today.